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their contributions would not be forgotten. derek ward has a look at some of the other ways the area paid tribute to our veterans today. >> reporter: wheelchairs lined up with military precision awaiting this morning muster, a solemn wreath laying ceremony at the wreath laying ceremony on a day we pause to give them thanks. >> i really appreciate them doing this for us. >> on behalf of the boy scouts of america, i present this flag. >> reporter: older veterans would like be proud of this scouts biking to all the veterans memorial sites offer their gifts of gratitude. of course, one of the stops was here at the african-american civil war veterans memorial where there is an observance today with historical overtones but brings it back around to the present. >> history is always with us every day because many, many people out there i'm sure as i do have personal family members. >> in graiters burg an observance with a hometown feel. >> they came home to our country and they made our country a better place. which is why we owe them our greatest thanks. >> reporter: more than a few chose to forgo the
in silver spring. those cameras were found on the ground on 16th street. derek ward spoke to residents who say the cameras are lifesavers. >> reporter: they are the closest things in reality to a robo cop, but these eyes don't need coffee to stay alert. but they are vulnerable to gravity. at least after someone appears to have helped them along. these two speed cameras on opposite sides of 16th street fell victim to vandals sometime between saturday evening sunday. they may not have liked them but those who have to cross these street believe these cameras literally are life savers. >> i'm not the only one because there's another set of buildings down there and there aren't really any close crosswalks. >> reporter: by midmorning the cameras were being put back into place and operation. there's actually another one not too far away that continued to catch speeders while the other two were down. now, this is a good place arguably for a speed camera. lots of reasons for people to cross this busy stretch of 16th street. the bus stop for one. and this man's son has to catch his school bus here a
in the 300 block of ridge row. derek ward with the latest. what's the latest on the investigation? >> reporter: where he are in the stoddard terrace neighborhood and this area has undergone positive change among the past couple of years, among the changes, a community of row houses, townhouses, has sprung up. but early this morning, the scene of a fatal shooting. i want to set the scene. take a look. an apartment at 316 ridge road. we have a wooded ridge beyond that. and that's where investigators are focusing their attention. the scene early this morning. 2:16, police reported to this area for the call of sounds of gunshots. they found a male dead in the parking lot behind us there. not much information about the victim. he may be in his teens, but not yet confirmed. investigators have been on the scene, trying to piece together whatever evidence they can to get more information and a lookout at this point. we don't have a lookout or any sort of suspect information. again, people who live in the building are not being able to get to their parking lot today because of the investig
no scenes of the man. derek ward has more on the search and why family members are still holding out hope. >> if you know anything, please, please, call the cops. just keep an eye out. keep an eye out. >> reporter: two sisters plead for help in finding their father. 64-year-old hasn't been seen since wednesday before last. before the storm. >> the picture. probably got more of a beard now. he's been gone since the 24th. yeah, please, he's, he's somebody's dad. >> reporter: search teams have been combingwoods. more than 1,400 acre wooded expanse not far from the neighborhood. he has alzheimers and wandered off before, not like this. >> nothing, nothing that, lasted for more than maybe an hour or so. >> people can go for miles, some times. we have hundreds of reports every year here in fairfax county. of people walking away. >> reporter: this is a huge park. deeper into the wood there are swamps, boggs, coupled with the fact there has been a storm, between now and the time he went missing. it will make things more complicated but not impossible for the search dogs. as they fan out, a family
at the woodley park station off connecticut avenue in northwest washington. that's where news 4's derek ward is live with reaction from his friends. derek, a very sad story. >> reporter: indeed, a very sad story. we reported on this earlier and we are learning more about the circumstances to this tragic incident. take a look at the scene from yesterday. 18-year-old olajuwon griffin, stabbed to death 1:15. nine juveniles arrested and we understand robbery was the motive. and that robbery occurred in the 1800 block of columbia road. later, the alleged robbers and another group which included the victim encountered one another on the platform at the station. and we talked to some of his friends, and they talk about the loss. >> everyone knew him. he was always the one that was there. >> the best person you would ever know. he's funny. a crazy person, like goofy. always having you laugh. >> police were on this immediately and a massive investigation began, we're also told several weapons were recovered from the platform, we'll learn more about the circumstances here as the investigation continue
for thousands of d.c. employees who work downtown. as derek ward explains, it's threatening to put them out of business. >> reporter: the food trucks have seemed to multiply over the past couple of years. you can get just about anything. >> i just tasted some beef brisket from the barbecue truck down there. >> reporter: but many vaendors what they're getting is squeezed from d.c. regulatory agency and the city's department of transportation. >> no idea of balancing needs just we're not seeing eye to eye on that. >> reporter: the guidelines for where the vendors could set up. they circle the park, but if the new regulations went into effect, all these trucks park here would be breaking the law. >> 7'5" of space here. >> reporter: the proposed new rules would require ten fealt of clear sidewalk space for the trucks to operate in the central biz district, which is pretty much where all the hungry workers are. this sidewalk would be compliant and this is wide enough that even with these obstructions have people walk by. but the vendors say there are not enough places like this for this not to h
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6